Technology is characterized by its ability to span across a multitude of professions. Similarly, the skills acquired in the service industry prepare its employees to thrive on a wide assortment of career paths.

Douglas M. Muro has accumulated more than 15 years of expertise, in a service provision capacity. At the onset of his career, he assisted in the creation of an educationally and emotionally sound environment for developmentally challenged children. Subsequently, he became the writer and editor of a weekly newspaper syndicate, in Northern New Jersey, demonstrating his managerial and leadership skills. Finally, he undertook the task of creating promo commercials for highly demanding clients for Juke Box Radio. He surpassed all sales quotas and remained top salesperson for six consecutive months, while employed by Juke Box Radio.

Mr. Muro’s focus is dedicated to the acquisition of new accounts, fortification of existing business relationships and the implementation of cost and time efficient solutions to your business needs.

His areas of specialization include: Business Development - from conception to actualization; Relationship Management - facilitating the creation of enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships, within the business community; Marketing Technology - guaranteeing all technological mediums for advertisement are at your disposal.